Consultant Bio

Cheri Smith

Chemistry / Yale Secondary School

Cheri Smith is the science department head at Yale Secondary School near Vancouver, British Columbia where she has been teaching AP Chemistry since 1988.  She has worked for the College Board as a consultant in Pre-AP Science and AP Chemistry for two decades conducting workshops across Canada, the US and various places around the world.


Cheri has assisted in editing and writing the Special Focus materials for the College Board’s AP Chemistry workshops and has reviewed and prepared materials for AP Insight and the AP Central website.  She is one of the writers of the College Board’s AP Chemistry Inquiry Based Laboratory Manual.  She recently joined the College Board’s Instructional Design Team for AP Chemistry.  Additionally she is an author of four chemistry texts, including AP Chemistry 1 (Big Ideas 1, 2 & 3) and AP Chemistry 2 (Big Ideas 4, 5 & 6), which were released in 2016.  These texts have received an A+ rating from the College Board’s Learning List evaluation system for AP text resources.   


Cheri has been an AP chemistry exam reader, table leader and question leader since 1998.