Staff Bio

Deborah Johnston

World History / Concordia International School

Deborah Smith Johnston, teaches AP World History, a 10th grade PBL World History course, and AP Comparative Government, at Concordia International School Shanghai in Shanghai, China (though she is moving to Keystone Academy in Beijing next year!). She is thrilled to return once again to Camp St. Johnsbury. She has been a question leader and table leader at the reading since 2002, enjoying the assessment discussions as well as the collegiality of experience. Deb has been immersed in AP World History since before the course even launched in 2001. She co-directed the first National APWH Training Workshop in 2000 at Northeastern University (Boston), as well as the curriculum development institute for AP units for College Board in 2001. She was involved in training for the new Course revisions that debuted in 2012 for World History as well as in the AP Insights curriculum work being done to address challenge areas in the AP World history course. She edited a thematic curriculum on Teaching the Indian Ocean World as a special supplement to the AP world course and reviewed the most recent supplement on the Niger River delta. She has led over forty summer AP world history institutes in Toronto, Saipan, London, Turkey, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Washington, California, Vermont and Hawaii. Deb has been actively involved with the World History Association since 1997 and has served on the Executive Council of the WHA. In addition, Deborah served on the Advisory Board for Oregon Public TV’s Bridging World History video series, funded by Annenberg and was involved with World History Connected as a columnist. She helped to originate the annual WHA Teaching Prize given each year for the best classroom use of new research. After completing her doctorate in world history at Northeastern University, she has been a full time classroom teacher, but occasionally teaches graduate and undergraduate courses for pre-service and veteran teachers. Her dissertation focused on new approaches to teaching the world history survey at all levels. She has led Webinar discussions this spring on topics relating to the teaching of world history for the National Humanities Center and the National Council for History Education. As residents of China, Deb and her husband enjoy spending time traveling with their children, Jesse, an budding entrepreneur now living in the US, and Kelsea, a newly graduated senior on her way to becoming a nurse.