Consultant Bio

Marian DeWane

Marian DeWane taught AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and AP Physics at Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho for 30 years. She has been recognized as Teacher of the Year and has her National Board Certification in Chemistry. In 2009, Ms DeWane won the Presidential Science Teaching Award from President Obama. Currently, she teaches at the University of California, Irvine. Ms DeWane has been involved with the College Board for 15 years as a consultant. She is involved in the grading of the AP Chemistry Exam and has been a Question Leader for four years, a Table Leader for seven years, a Reader for six years, and a Workshop Leader for five years. She has been a National Leadership Trainer for AP Chemistry and Vertical Teams in Science, a consultant mentor, workshop writer for the new AP curriculum changes, and question writer for the new exam. She authored two chapters in the new AP Lab Manual and also authored one of the labs. She co-edited the Special Topics in Chemistry: Equilibrium, and edited Special Topics in Chemistry: Thermochemistry and Special Topics in Chemistry: Acids and Bases, wrote a chapter in the Curriculum Module on Bonding, and is currently co-writing the new curriculum modules on guided Inquiry. She has also been involved in writing questions for the new AP Chemistry exam, the Georgia State Exit Exams, the ACS Chemistry Olympiad and the ACS Advanced Exam.