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Professional Learning in a Relaxed State

We have some great news! The AP Summer Institute will run during summer 2022, and this year we will offer both in-person and online classes, and several different session choices. Both of these opportunities will offer the exceptional workshops for which St. Johnsbury APSI has become known.


The online option will also offer  

  • extended timing in which to complete the training,  

  • small cohorts and even more personal attention with our nationally-known consultants,  

  • lots of synchronous opportunities with consultants,  

  • and a competitive pricing plan that includes the possibility of three graduate school credits


Whether you participate in our online sessions or come to the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont this summer, we hope you take advantage of this great opportunity. 



  • Online Workshops are scheduled for the week of June 27

  • Onsite Workshops will be offered the weeks of  June 27, July 11 & July 18 (Check-in is on Sunday)




Online Workshops  are limited to 20 participants in order to personalize synchronous and asynchronous instruction using Canvas (LMS) and Zoom as our primary tools of communication, collaboration, and community-building. Participants will have 10 days in which to complete a course of study.


For more details about our online delivery model, please refer to our  FAQ page. 



Should the State of Vermont or the CDC continue current policies on social distancing during these scheduled onsite workshop dates, we will convert them to Online workshops following the online model discussed above. 


About Our APSI  


St. Johnsbury Academy has offered the AP Institute since 1986, one of the original AP Summer Institutes nationwide. And the “Camp St. J” experience is just that, original. With top-notch consultants, a host of afternoon and evening activities, and excellent cuisine, we take care of everything for you during your week-long stay. Your only responsibilities are to learn, recreate, and repeat! 


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