Consultant Bio

M. Colleen Harrigan

M Colleen Harrigan is a multi-faceted professional, combining her skills as a Visual Arts Educator, Mentor, Online Community Moderator, Question Leader for the AP Art and Design Portfolio, and Lead Faculty Consultant for AP Art and Design. 

She received a BFA from St. Mary’s College and furthered her education with an MA in Art Education from New York University. While her training is rooted in the visual arts, her true passion lies in teaching. 

Colleen presently shares her expertise and experience at the Page School, where she guides students on their artistic journeys. She is a versatile professional who empowers fellow educators through a range of professional development opportunities. These experiences have allowed her to collaborate with numerous talented individuals and have enriched her teaching and studio practices. 

As a dedicated lifelong learner, Colleen’s interests span the realms of outdoor adventures, painting, and the joys of parenting her twin daughters. 

If you’re seeking a passionate collaborator in your artistic and educational pursuits, Colleen is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work and learn with you. Feel free to connect with her at