Consultant Bio

Andy Milbauer

Andy Milbauer has been teaching since 1999. During this time his classrooms varied: outdoor programs, floating classrooms in the Northeast, rural areas, urban areas, boarding schools and public schools. This varied experience helps him relate to the various classrooms encountered by teachers. He earned his M. Ed in science education at the University of Minnesota. His undergraduate degree at UW Madison, zoology, allowed him to work as a research biologist at Trout Lake Station in northern Wisconsin and the Sargasso Sea aboard the SV Westward. Andy has been a reader for the APES exam since 2012 and a consultant since 2014. After attending several workshops he began training as a consultant realizing he wanted to help others the way consultants improved his experience with his class. He strives to bring affordable labs to classes. His passion in the workshop is focusing on solutions to both challenges to our environment and classroom. He brings a perspective for advocating for the diverse needs of students. Few things shock him and he understands the challenge of teaching a somewhat political AP course. Andy is a science teacher at Poudre High School in Fort Collins, Colorado. In his spare time he is prone to Nordic skiing, playing on the Poudre river, and road biking. He is also a potter and gardener. He and his partner just finished restoring their yard into native pollinator habitat to demonstrate an urban home can remain a place for wildlife.