Consultant Bio

Oather Strawderman

Oather Strawderman has taught Physics in Lawrence Kansas since 1997. He is the Science Department Chair at Lawrence Free State High School. His teaching experience includes all forms of AP Physics. He has worked as a Question Leader, Table Leader and Reader at the annual AP Physics Reading in June since 2012. As a result of his experience as a Reader he has had the opportunity to be an item writer and reviewer for the AP Physics 1, 2 and C exams, including as a member of the AP Physics Instructional Design Team helping to develop the resources on AP Classroom. As a College Board endorsed AP Physics International Consultant, he has presented daylong and week-long workshops in 36 states. He has also presented at multiple AP Annual Conferences, AAPT National Conferences and the College Board Forum. In addition, Oather was honored to have had the opportunity to present International Workshops in Kunming China, Dubai United Arab Emirates, Ontario Canada, and Shanghai China. Oather served for seven years as the Co-Chair of the AP Physics 2 Development Committee where he helped develop the exam and worked on the preparation of the Curriculum Framework. He also is a member of the Rearticulation Committee that revamped the Curriculum Frameworks for all the AP Physics courses. His work on the Development Committee has also included membership on the AP Physics Course Audit Scoring Guide Development Committee. He has recently begun training other AP Consultants and mentoring new AP Physics Consultants for College Board as the Lead Consultant for AP Physics. Oather also is an Instructor for AP Daily in AP Classroom for both AP Physics 1 & 2 and AP Live on YouTube for AP Physics 2. In addition to his work with AP Physics, Oather also conducts workshops for district and building staff to increase the equity and access of their AP Programs. He has also recently begun presenting the new Cross-Curricular Skills AP Workshops. And Oather was just appointed the Chair of the College Board Science Academic Advisory Committee for which he will be advising College Board on all things Science related.


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