Consultant Bio

Tracy Rucker

A native of Royston, Georgia, Tracy Rucker holds a master degree in French language and culture from Middlebury College where he also participated in theater and specialized in studies of the Francophone world. An award-winning world language teacher, Mr. Rucker has led student trips to France and Spain and studied in Quebec and Bordeaux. When Mr. Rucker is not teaching, he enjoys scoring Advanced Placement French Exams for the College Board. A frequent regional and state presenter, Mr. Rucker is known for helping language teachers enhance their existing programs by incorporating many strategies that incorporate interpersonal communication and global awareness techniques into the classroom. Mr. Rucker combines authentic resources with technology to engage learners. 

Rucker focuses on effective communication tools that motivate students to use the target language to communicate about cultures. Rucker creates meaning for 21st century learners by discussing real-life topics, like body positivity, harassment in schools, identity, and global awareness. His aim is to shift thinking to include active participation and deepening enthusiastic approaches with humor and an appreciation for quotidian values. Songs, films, video clips, pictures, and reading passages make up this master teacher’s repertoire, and he is always eager to share ideas on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging as his approaches reflect diverse perspectives and 21st century skill-building.